Windows 2000 and XP networking

For SOME reason XP PC doesnt want to network with my 2000 anymore. It used too but it wont.. I check ALL settings, all look ok, when I boot to 98 it works fine. I also can network my 2000 with other 98 PC. But why on earth wont 2000 network with XP..... Im stummped. Tried it all (Other then reinstalling XP) Anyone humor any ideas?
this is a fast and nasty way of getting around it

if you slap your NIC into another port all the settings will reset and then let it auto config and you should be right..
Hmm SURE Ill redo BOTH Motb (Since its built in on laptop and PC) and them BOOM all is ok! I love custom designs anyways..... next thought..
if you were foolish enough to go and buy a motherboard with the network card on baord then you deserve the hassle

anyway, what might work if its a driver related problem, is to just delete the network card driver from device manager in 2k, and then reboot, it should then go through the usual procedure of installing the card, then youd need to do the normal network setup

what id recommend you do first is to check if your protocals are installed correctly on each machine, and check if the resources for the card are actually useable, if you havent already done so

does your xp machine work to a win98 one?
all the BEST mobo's have inbuilt NIC cards.. what is the disadvantage of haveing an onboard NIC ?

so sound card and video card on board can be talked about but NIC card?

hrm i dont know how to help man... my XP and 2k machines networked perfectly.. unless.....

in the WINS network setting have you turned off netBIOS over tcp/ip if you have htat could be causeing a problem. turn it back to default..
Its set on use wins from dchp, is that right?

Anyways VID and SOUND cards on board are CRAP! So many issues when something dies or you wanna upgrade, NIC card is ok.

Also The XP works FINE with my 98 boot, USED to work with 2k as well. I think its on the XP pc but not sure... dont wanna reinstall the blasted thing AGAIN.... Its just soooo odd..
Are you talking about Network Interface Card cards?

You'll be talking about PIN numbers next.
Not knowing how you have you network set up really limits the amount of help I can provide (not that I think I'd be able to help anyway :p). But I'll try to keep it brief.

Make sure the subnet mask matches on both computers, as well as the workgroup name you're using...

I'm not entirely sure, but I think System File Checker scans the network system files, nevertheless you may want to give running that a try.

Running the network diagnostics in XP might reveal something too.

Using 'nbtstat -n' may yeild some results concerning the workgroup names.

I guess thats all I've got for now. Were you getting any specific error messages?
No error msg, just other PC wont show on either, Its 2 Pcs connect to a HUB, NOT router. Just odd tho that XP networks fine with 98 but not my 2000 boot.... Yet my 2000 works fine with other 98 as well.... just wont do XP-2000
yea man without seeing pic of your setting or something its very hard to say more so over a message board, if you IRC try #windowsXP on efnet very helpful bunch, or even #windows2000
there is apparently a way to force netbuei down xp's throat and that also forces it to work with win2k. someone at ms musta thought if you have xp you won't want 2k so they musta forgot to add support for 2k runnin netbuei. also if you win2k and win98 machine are using netbuei. try makin 98 use tcp/ip only and the same with 2k then xp will pick up 2k machine most likely its what made it work on my network but 98 is attached to netbuei so i dunno. i say fuck xp and toss 2k pro on the machine then you know it'll work.
Um 2k works fine with 98

One issue

Laptop - Dual boot, 98, 2k

Desktop - XP

The desktop is bios locked for XP. It has a chip inside it that skips the reg part, dont need to enter the numbers at ALL for XP. I would install 2k but they dont want it. NetBEUI is on both OS, other then XP, it USED to work with XP as well... why it stopped who knows.