Winter's coming....

Well, anyone else feel depressed that summer passed on? Here in Sweden the weather is f--ked up, last night it was -2 degrees C !! #### season.
Ha, I had to use double blankets when I went to sleep last night.
Good to hear I'm not alone, sometimes you get the feeling everybody's looking forward to the winter! But I guess it's the seniors that are talking, they almost seem like they're enjoying this cold weather.....I never wanna be any older ;)
Yesterday it was 93ºF - it sucked. Northern California weather is freakin' weird. It's been mostly mid 70ºs all Summer, but now that it's Fall... time to heat up.

I like cold weather. I want cold weather. I need cold weather.
I live in South Florida and there is no better time than winter, so I'm looking forward to it. The summers here are UNBEARABLE...100 percent humidity and 90 degress F...OUCH! My car gets so hot I have to peel my ass off the seat with a spatula.
I don't think people who never experience TRUE winter

knows how #### cold it is. Around december it is at least -10 degrees C, but often up at -15 to hands are all blue of the cold....#### I'm complaining alot :D
mm winter is good....

layers and layers of clothes and lots of blankies on the bed.... *purr*

I just need someone to keep my cold little feet warm... :p
Well right here in Bawlmer, Maryland (Baltimore spoken in Baltimorese) it's 51F not too bad but its getting pretty #### cold at night sometimes. When I was in India during th summer it was about 100% hunidity every day, and at least 98F there everyday. I actually like the fall and winter seasons, sure it reminds you of how school has started back up and all, but it's a lot easier to get to sleep in a warm bed in the cold weather, than a hot bed in the hot weather
Sorry to gloat ppls, but gotta enjoy this weather while it lasts...

summer ROCKS!!!

don't worry... u ppl can get us back in 6 months ;)

BTW what do most of u ppl do when the weathers too good for Sega???
Truly cold weather rots, I can't take it at all. I spent Thanksgiving in NY in 1999 - it was only 25, but I was gagging for [warm] air everytime I went outside. I can't imagine "real" cold weather. How do you guys that get sub-freezing weather stand it? I like it in the mids 50s to high 60s - cold for Cali. :)
Mo Threat, it's not like we stand it, we don't have a choice! ;)

And to Supergrom; you're talking about -40 degrees FAHRENHEIT, it's not the same as -40 degrees CELCIUS.

Another scale, another temperature
Actually, I think that you will find that -40 degrees F and -40 degrees C are exactly the same temperature.

Just one of those wierd pieces of trivia you collect :)
I've lived in Rochester NY all 21 years of my life and I still hate it when winter comes around. At least I don't have to walk to school anymore. Walking over a mile in unplowed streets and -70F degree windchill is NOT fun. Winter's not too bad at first, but then everything gets dirty from the cars and it just sucks for another 6 months. But hey, at least I don't have to live with flooding, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, blackouts or droughts. ;)
Quote: from Mo Threat on 12:49 am on Oct. 2, 2001

I like it in the mids 50s to high 60s - cold for Cali. :)

Yeah. I live in the Bay Area, and all I hear is people bitching about the weather during winter. "It's too cold!" "I'm freezing out here!" "Stupid rain!" Everybody has like a long sleeve shirt on, a really heavy jacket, and pants. I'm outside walking around in shorts and an average jacket, feels perfectly fine to me, and people ask, "Aren't you cold?"

(BTW, it's like everyone here loves to ski and snowboard in Tahoe, but they hate the cold

/me rolls eyes)