workstation graphics cards

im curious about the workstation graphics cards

does ne1 use a card like that for pc gameing?

i dont see why there would be any issues useing one - i would think it would be better

does ne1 use a card like that and compared it to home pc graphics cards for gaming

im refering to cards like nvidia quatro series and the like
With the latest batch of workstation cards (the ones based on nVidia's and ATi's consumer chips) the difference shouldn't be that great. They do have drivers with different focus and functionality and may be slightly slower. More traditional workstation cards would suck for gaming though. They are far too slow, but they're designed to keep the same rate when displaying a million polygons and when displaying ten.
i was thinking that they would be better since they are more powerful

looking on the solidworks website some of the gaming cards dont pass for producing the required graphincs and the rest pass but will work in a limited way -- thats why i was thinking workstation cards were the way to go
They could be said to be powerful, but the requirements are different for workstation graphics and videogames.

That said, the main difference between a Quadro and the corresponding GeForce is the Quadro's support for cut planes, anti-aliased lines and the drivers.
There are a variety of workstation cards out there that do not like to play games like the Oxygen or Wildcat ones but the ATI and NVidia ones are ok for gamming, not the greatest but they will play most games out there.
hmmm ok -- that suprises me -- looking at some of the drawings made with those cards - suprises me - they look almost like photos especialy the transparent plastic parts
The output looks good, but while the gaming cards are designed to throw pixels at the screen as fast as possible while workstation cards are designed to produce accurate output at a moderate speed of scenes far bigger than any game.