WTD: Some good RPGs


I am new in here but have been playing videogames for a long time... Came here by invitations of a friend. To make short a rather long and annoying story, I stopped playing for about 7 years (you know, collegue, job...) and now I have some money of my own and some time to spend... Unfortunatly here in Mexico we almost never have the best games and even for recent consoles it's hard to find anything good

I am looking for these splendid RPGs:

Game - System

Phantasy Star I- Master System

Phantasy Star IV- Genesis

Shining Force I- Genesis

Shining Force II- Genesis

Of course, MINT would be the best, complete the least...

Price? Name it, I centanly don't want them for a bargain, but whatever price you have, tell me, perhaps we can have a deal, I'm ready to pay using Paypal. I use to buy in eBay but certanly it's not very... friendly and most sellers do not know what they are selling and what PRISTINE really means...