WTF is going on with my saturn!?

Ok, today I downloaded and burned a copy of Sakura Taisen (if thats how its spelled). I havn't been using my saturn for the last month or so, and last I knew it was working fine, however, when I tried to run the game my Saturn started acting very strange. First I put in the burned disk, then swaped it with an original (as I don't own a mod chip and have to use the swap technique), but then, instead of reading the disks security track, the drive would stop and start in a repeating manner. The disk would not boot up, and so I decided to try running just a normal game and see what happened. Well at first the disk started to rotate and be read the way it should, but then it stopped, and for some odd reason started to spin in reverse! Then to my surprise the game booted, however with some notable changes. The game I was trying to run was "Croc: Legend of the Gobos". Anyways, I got to the title screen and the music was all messed up, it sounded like it might be playing in reverse or something, but that didn't make any sence. Then I wen't into the normal game to see if anything else was wierd, and the first thing I noticed when I went in was that Croc's head was missing! Thats not all though, manny of the brighter parts of the background such as lava would leave a residual image as I moved.

To say that my saturn is seriously F'ed up at this point would be an understatment. So does anyone have ANY ideas as to whats going on here? Because this is way beyond any system glitch I have ever seen.
The missing polygons and messed up textures in croc are problem of the game. I know in the European version was a note to boot the game from the bios screen or such errors would appear. Have you tried another original ?
Well, I've seen the trailing polygon problem a few games (usually when they screw up). I also have noticed my Saturn will forcibly stop a CD with a bit of counterclockwise spin... were there storms in your area recently? :)

If the game actually managed to boot with the disc spinning in reverse, it IS ghosts.
there is a way to fix the graphical problems in Croc, someone said that you had to enter the CD player program first, then start the game. I had the same problem, but I tried it on another Saturn (w/o going to CD player) and it worked.