Xbox and Sega

Has anyone noticed that Xbox will be getting most of Sega's great games like Sega Gt, House of the Dead,and Jet Grind Radio. Also Nintendo has been getting good Sega games too

but what about Sony.Sony has only gotten about 2 good Sega games. I think Xbox shouldnt be givnig the right to buy games to be exclusive because its not fair. I really dont like my Xbox I just have it to make my Parents think i appreciated the gift
Well this is what i think
You can't complain if you got a free Xbox. Anyways, you should appreciate it since they're not exactly cheap.

PS2 got Virtua Fighter.. Shinobi and Gungrave are coming soon. I think Sega are speading themselves fairly evenly over the three consoles (not counting GBA). I'm happy with what's coming on the PS2, but at the same time I'd like to play Virtua Fighter Quest, Panzer Dragoon Orta etc. I don't think they're showing that much of a preference to be honest.
yeah but look what Xbox did they bought Shenmue 2 to be exclusive and thats not fair to other people who dont have a Xbox or just dont like to play there Xbox like Me ???
Well.. I don't like Microsoft but that's their right to do that if Sega wants to accept that offer.

Anyhow, it's not excusive. Have you heard of the Dreamcast? Fair enough, it didn't come out in the US but it's hardly a chore to play imports on the DC.
I'm in Europe so for once we got a game you didn't

I doubt it's too hard to get hold of.. Ebay or any import places should do it. I'd be willing to trade my copy for the Xbox you don't like, sounds like a fair deal to me
I would infact i have been wanting to sell it but may darn parents will be
if I would. They thought that this is what i really wanted when i really wanted a Gamecube
You should tell them, I'm sure they'd rather you had what you wanted since that was the whole point of them buying it for you. If I spent that much money on something for someone I'd want it to be the exact thing they wanted, I'd much rather them tell me. If you've still got the box and everything I doubt you'll make much of a loss on it.

Hehe thats funny I just told them before reading this.I am going to go tomorrow and get my Gamecube
YES now I know I will be able to play Phantasy Star Online
Since I wasnt able to for the Dreamcast
I think Sega has a plan behind this all.

When they became a 3rd party developer, Sega became a immense new key factor in the console wars. Much like Namco, Konami, Square... (but Square's power slowly fades). Their support (and the lack of it) can make or brake a console.

Sega games can affect the consoles' sales in significant ways.

Now, the plot:

The PS2 rules the charts. It doesn't needs that much Sega games on it to keep it's position.

Sega can make much more money if there is a multitude of consoles on the market. Multi-console games will sell a lot, and the segmented battlefield makes it much easier to trace profitable game launch strategies. It's obvious Sega can make much more money working on all consoles, than Square, as an example, that focus on a single plataform.

So, Sega can reach maximum efficiency if all consoles are in some sort of balance.

So Sega will shell out more support to the X-box and Gamecube, so they can keep up against the PS2, keeping the market alive and the cash flowing. Competition can only do the market -and the gamers- good.
Ok what's everyone's beef with the xbox? It's the best system i have ever owned besides the genesis and the graphics crap all of the gamecubes. Yes, microsoft makes it. let me ask you something: are you using windows as your primary OS? Just because it's made by one company doesn't mean it's bad. I really don't think that the main microsoft corp. has to do with it at all, just like sony and sony entertainment of america are two different things all together.

I don't want to turn this into a gamecube vs. xbox war, but i just will say that i have a ps2, gamecube, and xbox and only 1 game for the gamcube since their library sucks, i have like 7 xbox games and 4 ps2 games.. and i got the ps2 when it first came out. So why does no on elike the xbox?
I dislike giving a company that perpetuates monopolys my money. My PC is running Windows not because I like it (I hate it, actually) but because of this monopoly. It's not practical to use another OS for a multi-purpose system because so much stuff isn't supported, you have little choice but to use Windows for your average home computer.

Plus those green bits on the Xbox are disgusting
who cares as long as the product is quality. I've heard people bitch and moan about "oh so many good games, i wish i had an xbox,but it sux" well if it has such good games, why don't you just go buy the freaking thing? I Just dont' see why if you resent a company, you don't buy from them even if it's a good product.
I don't like the XBox's games very much so far... Halo and JSR:F are brilliant, but for available games now, thats about it which is why I got my Gamecube first....

I'm gonna be getting a mod-chipped XBox very soon though
(Imports, DiVX player, VCD player, loads of cool stuff with the Enigmah)

Project Ego won'tlive up to the hype IMO though and will be crapped all over by Shenmue 3

Still,say the XBox craps on the Gamecubes GFX... not really, but they both crap on the PS2s
Still, the Gamecube is my NOW machine for games, XBox may take it overall, but I doubt it since Nintendo and Sega games on the same machine are just too good (Especially Sonic Team games)
Because some of us have a conscience about such things, probably foolishly. Anyways, apart from Halo there's nothing that interests me just yet. You never know, Panzer Dragoon, Ninja Gaiden etc could turn out to be useless (though I doubt it). Plus the other reason for not buying one.. lack of £
I don't understand why people complain about Windows so much. It is by far the best operating system. Sure, if you buy the cheap stuff, like Windows 95,98 or ME, you get what you pay for. My Windows 2000 has crushed once, only once since I got it a over year ago, and God knows I asked for it. It loads a long time and does not play sound in some DOS games like DOOM, but that's hardly a matter to complain about.

As for the monopoly, it is much easier to develop software for one operating system.
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Enigmah ist crap, get the selfmade mod for cheap

I was gonna, but that involves me 1st making the mod and then soldering it in.... I always get scared that I'm gonna throw £200 down the drain with my naturally shakey hands
Originally posted by Rumata@June 15 2002,19:08

I don't understand why people complain about Windows so much. It is by far the best operating system. Sure, if you buy the cheap stuff, like Windows 95,98 or ME, you get what you pay for.

As for the monopoly, it is much easier to develop software for one operating system.

Actually I have ME and would say it's far more stable than 2000 and XP, the problems I have with it is that Microsoft has decided to try and hide DOS so much when it's necessary for a lot of things. Windows may be seen as the best operating system, but that's the whole point. Microsoft has effectively eliminated any competition there might have been. Microsoft products are often nigh-on impossible to unistall completely from your system and they, as a company, certainly give you no help in doing so even though it's your right as a consumer of their software to be able to remove it.