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Then I won't have to theive a bloody Xbox just for Panzer Dragoon. That's one in the eye for Bill Gate$
I think it's a shame. Say what you want about Microsoft, it's still clear that the X-Box is the most capable system out there at the moment. It would be a pity not to see that technology used to further enhance our gaming experiences.
I personally find it hard to enjoy something made by Microsoft, even though it's pretty dumb.. It's kind of involuntary, I just can't let myself. Even though it may be the most capable console, I doubt if many of the games will have the sort of charm only Sega and Nintendo can come up with. I'd much rather enjoy games on a less powerful system than have a bitter taste in your mouth. Fair play if you like Xbox though, it's just not for me.
Well, the statement I got in it's entirety is on the front page... my interpretation of it is that XBox titles in production (Panzer Dragoon, TJ&E 3, Crazi Taxi 3, Shenmue 2/3 amongst others) are still coming out, BUT for other formats too.... JSRF has that "Only for XBox" tag which means it is on XBox ONLY for 6 months minimum.... after that, it may be ported to GC and/or PS2
That is the biggest crock of shit I have ever read. You call that news? That is more like A COMPLETE LIE passed on to you from some overzealous fanboy.

You're "privildges" of posting "news" should be removed...This is a total and complete lie. BTW, How old are you? Only children believe these kinds of stupid internet rumors.
Originally posted by 3rdman@May 07 2002,08:23

That is the biggest crock of shit I have ever read. You call that news? That is more like A COMPLETE LIE passed on to you from some overzealous fanboy.

You're "privildges" of posting "news" should be removed...This is a total and complete lie. BTW, How old are you? Only children believe these kinds of stupid internet rumors.

Believe it or not, you can fully disagree with someone and still treat them with some decency and respect. It's just a bit harder to do when behind a monitor.

Anyways, he didn't present it as truth, he presented it as it was: a rumour, albeit from a fairly good source, a rumour. I take it with a bucket of salt, but skroo it, I like a good rumour now and then regardless.

If I have learned anything, it's the software that counts, not the hardware. There have been 3 or 4 X-Box titles that matter to me, nothing more. They could use Sega.

On the financial side, I don't wanna have to buy 3 consoles to get all the Sega titles
Well, belive what you want... I personally don't whole-heartedly belive this, but like I said, it could be crap....

BUT, it's from the same guy who told me US Shenmue 2 was shelved before I seen it anywhere else... The guy who told me about Gamecube based arcade technology, before it became tri-force with Sega and Namco... the guy who told me about TJ&E3 moving to XBox and the guy that has given me info about MS trying to buy Nintendo and Sega before going out on their own (This was confirmed by some guy who left MS recently)

He is also the guy that told me Nintendo were pulling out of the console buisness.... which he was wrong on.... he was wrong on the fact Shenmue 2 was PS2 bound instead of XBox bound....

Like I said, take it how you will, but with Segas E3 launch line-up completly leaked/announced, they more than likely will make a surprising announcement or 2... is this one of them? Like I said, take it how you will, it's up to you to belive or not.... I hope Sega DO continue to develop for XBox..... I belive that the XBox is the only machine capable of pushing Shenmue 3 closer to what Yu Suzuki has always wanted it to be on the Dreamcast and it IS coming out on the console and it WILL be stunning!

But FACT: JGR:F's sales has dissapointed Sega.... they are hoping other Sega games will push sales but Sega need cash... they are NOT going to back a fledgling console when they need the cash.... You have to note that this only aplys to XBox EXCLUSIVE games.... some mult-format games will be XBox bound...

This guy ain't some fanboy BTW... the only Next-Gen console he owns is an XBox, and told me this in a very P'Od way...

And I'm 18....
Easy... by developing exclusive content for a console that isn't selling their games too well isn't keeping a company finacially secure... HOWEVER, if they take the content made for XBox, port it to multi-format then they reap the benefits and cash!

"Exclusive XBox" games are tied to contract for 6 months (Well, in the case of JSR:F anyways, not sure if this applies to everything that has the "Only for XBox" tag), so after that period, if sales are poor they may want to port to other consoles to make more finacial gain....
Jesus man, lay off him. I don't find it childish to post a rumour if it's not presented as truth. What is very childish is hurling a load of abuse at the person reporting it third-hand. I hope it is true that Panzer Dragoon will come out on PS2 or GC but beyond that.. whatever.
It's one thing to pass on rumors...but rumors should at least be based on FACT. Can I create rumors and post them on the fromt page? I got a juicy one too! It's about Sony dropping all PS2 production and will begin hyping the PS9! Pre-orders will be announced at E3! Another one...Sega is selling off their development teams to the highest bidder! Winners to be announced at E3! Or maybe this one...Nintendo is tired of their kiddie image so Mario will now be a commando who rapes and pilages his enemies. Details will be disclosed at E3!

You see what I mean? Rumors can easily be made...big deal. But if their going to be put on the front page they should AT LEAST be based on some fact, don't you think?

Do you want an example? Ok here it is a rumor based on fact...

Panzer Dragoon may actually appear on Gamecube...

"There could also be a good chance of the game appearing on the Gamecube also.


Sonic works for Sega...Here's the link:

That my friends is the difference between a real and fake rumor.
Well, it's not like I go out there everyday and do it... and like I said, the source has been reliable in the past, we'll see what happens here...

I've always seen the newsposters "job" as doing three things

1) Informing the regulars of news connected to the topic of the site (This case, Sega Stuff.... I usually just stick to this one)

2) Generating hits (Maybe sites like /. get ahold of it.... weirder things have been posted on that (XBox emulator anyone?)

3) Promoting other parts of the site (This has kinda promoted the forums, it's already started a heated debate and the post count is rising quickly)....

I'm not gonna constantly post stuff like this, even if it is from this guy unless I see a possibility of truth there... and the XBox is underperforming in PAL territories and in Asia.... i doubt Sega would hold on to a system that is only selling well in America....
The idea of posting news on the frontpage is to put stuff up people here may be interested in and I, for one, am interested in this whether it turns out to be true or not. Most of the stuff in newspapers isn't based on facts, but I bet you don't go to the newagents every day and scream and stamp your feet at the 'news' because the almighty God of Truth hasn't given it his seal of approval. Just forget this whole thing, I wish I hadn't posted it to start with, I just thought maybe we could have a civilised discussion about why Sega might stop and what it would mean.

Obviously I was wrong..
This topic is turning into a flame war. Since there shall be no flaming here unless I choose to flame, the topic is closed.

as a general rule, DON'T post "news" that are just rumors from your friend's mother's sister's dog. it'll end up looking unprofessional, just look at, they post every crappy rumor anyone sends them too.

Unless you get confirmation from another source (no, not the dog's previous owner's cat), discuss it on the forum, but keep it off the mainpage.
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