xbox homebrew modchip?

Here's the info for a homebrew modchip for xbox based in a modded-ripped bios image of the xtender modchip :woah:

If it works, this can be a cheapass way to try the divx player and the other programs that will come (except for the eprom programmer, I wonder if you can hot swap the pc bios chip to use a flash program in a cheap pc...).

Ah, another thing: Read the credits, Arakon

I posted that one some days ago already.

it works perfectly, my xbox now runs everything including the divx player.

those are my diagrams too, yeah.

hotswapping on the MB only works for flashroms, not for eproms.
To my knowledge China-Messiah has been manufacturing an Xbox Mod board which has been out for a while now. I think thats the Xbox mod which is all over Chinese stores now.
china-messiah has only talked alot, but didn't do shit yet.

their mod isn't released yet.

what you'll likely find all over HK are xtender clones, just like the "selfmade" xbox mod.
Cheap and safest way is to ask to a guy who is in electronics, in order to get a programmed eprom and install it.

If you know you can do it ask in a electronics store for the chip/equipment.
If you look for it, there is also a way to mod the xbox that involves a switch in order to boot with either the origenal bios or the sporty patch. It was written by some 'asshole' who knows his shit.

Just do a search for xbox emu sights. Thats how I found it.
I couldn't get the sporty bios; but one that is claimed to be released by the xtender team itself. I want to know if this is not a fake or something done by someone "funny", just to make sure I won't kill my xbox.

Here's the info file text:

._ ._ ._ . _ \ | . \

/ . | \_ | ||/|: _\

|_/ |_| |/ViTT3l'2k|/ |___|


You wanted it, you got it, here is the Xtender V1.1 BIOS!

Rather than having cheap ripoffs hacking our chip and

bragging about it. We decided we would release the full

Xtender V1.1 code,to assist the amateur homebrew scene

and gamers alike. You will still be able to buy the first,

best and original xbox modchip but if you want to try to flash

your own xbox you are welcome.

Please take care in flashing it, if in Doubt take it to an

expert to either flash or chip. We dont want to see too many

dead xbox's out there :)


Team Xtender
The Mr. Sporty bios is version 1.0, even if it says 1.1. the teamxtender 1.1 one is legit, and really 1.1.

the teamxtender 1.3 is FAKE, and was not released by them.