Xmas nigts


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I just downloaded xmas nights as a bin/cue file. it came in 29 rar files but everytime i open a rar archive it says "unexpected end of archive" But it can't be because they are full files, not one piece is missing. what do i do?
Well that's odd. That message is usually associated with a missing archive (try taking one out of a set you know works and you'll see what I mean...).

Corrupt file perhaps...?
What did the SFV file say (provided if there was one)?

The "<font color=yellow>Unexpected end of archive</font>" error just means that one or more of the archives are corrupt. Corrupt could mean the file wasn't fully downloaded, thus file size mismatch. Corrupt could also mean file size is correct but at least one byte has been changed within the archive. Both cases of corrupt leads to a different CRC. The SFV file contains the correct CRC for each file, thus it serves as a way to validate the files you've downloaded.
If it didn't come with an SFV (bad FTP owner!
) try using the test function within WinRAR.

It should tell you which, if any, files are corrupted.
Well, it checked it and ALL the bin files are corrupt! fucking shit! Took me three days to download that! *kicks dog* so frusterating! ARG. No way to fix a bin either... frick... *sigh* looks like i'll be searching elsewhere for nights... *sob*