WOO! I always wanted a DC, and now that they are 50$??? There's no way even I can pass up an offer THAT good.

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Quote: from Snyderman on 7:41 pm on Nov. 22, 2001

I might even BUY all my games (with the exception of maybe CVS2, I dont wanna import that).


Don't mean to be shootin ya down snyder, but comments like that tend to infuriate (big word for the day) me, the fact that ppl even *consider* buying a dreamcast just so they can get cheap (burnt) games, kinda pisses me off...


dont mean to start flaming or anything, but u know... i wuv my sega, and stand up for them as much as i can :D

But u did say that u were gonna buy the games, so thats no big deal... but the fact u CONSIDERED not buying games... well... kinda speaks for itself... :(
Listen to this deal: $69, 1 dreamcast, 2 controllers, NFL 2K1, WSB 2K1, NBA 2K1, 1 memory card.

Awsome deal... I might get that to have a spare DC... Plus, it's all brand new! oh, and to shoot down the hopes of that jackass, YOU CAN'T PLAY BURNED GAMES ON A DC UNLESS IT WAS MADE BEFORE OCT. 2000!!! BWAHAHAHA! I laugh at you!
Not 100% true. Not at DCs made after Oct2K are CDRphobic - it's hit and miss. Nevertheless, I think Snyd should edit his post to remove that statement about importing unless he wants trouble.

For all those without DCs - snap 'em up kidz, you can't beat a DC fo' dat prizzice - esp the Sports package @ $69, I'd get it asap if I didn't already have a DC, and I don't even play sports games much. I almost fell off my bed when reading the Circuit City ad this moring. A base DC for $50, and a base PSone for $99. Anyone who would choose a PSone over DC is fully nuts, and anyone who would pay double for it should be locked away from decent society.
Ya know guys, I'm not getting a DC for burned games, I'm getting a DC cheap cause I'm broke and I don't have a job, so I can't afford to be spending lots on consoles. If I DID have money, I'd have gotten a DC a year or two ago, and I'd probably have a PS2 or GC right now. Sorry if I gave the wrong impression. (BTW Games are cheap nowadays, I have no reason to be a cheapass.)
No worries Snyd, you're cool. I understand the $0 thing. I sold 31 Music CDs to get my DC when it dropped to $99 [got me a refurb DC with a one year unconditional warranty for $89]. I wonder what that would cost now. :)
Speaking of which, the DC is probably the last console I'll ever get, I want to get out of the console wars. I had enough of the "Well my console is cooler than yours!" during the SNES and Genesis days.