Yeesh, DC screwed over

:damn: fuck fuck fuck, my mom dropped my damn DC, and interestingly enough, when I turned it on, my game didnt load, it just took me to the control panel menu thingy, then I tried another game, it did work, so I thought it was juss a minor one time thing but when I tried to play that other game again, it didnt work, it happened with 2 other games too..... is it a lens problem where I have to adjust it? Anyone? Help and dying sega fan who juss got his DC screwed over, I cant find one around here at ALL :(

please dont go all :huh or :looney I juss want to get my DC workin again properly
Originally posted by Scared0o0Rabbit@Oct 1, 2003 @ 04:28 PM

try hitting it on the side or something, I get mine to work like that all the time!

hmm, on the side? ok, ill try dat, I think it may have somethin to do with the laser lens thin, does anyone know how to adjust it?