Yes!  Finally got a new Saturn

Nothing worse than being down for 2 months.. but, at a local game store, they had a new Saturn in box for $30 :) Took it home, modded it.. and we're working again :)

Now... back to collecting games...
Actually, the Saturn itself was, as well the manuals, warranty registration card, gamepad, AV cables and power cords. Came with the Nights sampler, etc... I couldn't really bitch for $30.. I was going to buy it as a used one and having a brandnew one just made the buy sweeter.
WHOA!!! You're kidding ME!!!! You got a BRAND-NEW SAT FOR $30!!!! EVERYTHING WAS INCLUDED??!!! BOX? WARRANTY? INSTRUCTION BOOKLET AND SAMPLER DISC!!! YOU GOT EVERYTHING!!!??? #### I'm jealous! Only thing that can make it worse is if it's a Model 1 (doubt it though :))
The only Saturns I can find for $40 around here are used ones that it looks like someone's baby brother puked on. In fact, I've only seen two new units in a small gaming store and they wanted $90 for them. 1 controller and 6 games, mostly sports. SUCKAGE!!!!!!
just came from a store here called game crazy that is associated with a video rental chain. they did'nt have any in now but they sell thier used saturns for $20. I'm #1 on the waiting list.(probably the only one.)