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Everyone has them... they come over and you are playin your new import on your beloved saturn (or some great game) when out of now where, "dude sega sucks!". Those words!! Do they not understand? Many even say that the genesis was bad also. The worst thing about it is that they have maybe only played 1 dreamcast game, 0 saturn games, and a handfull of genesis games. Its not until they own a Sega product until they know of its greatness. What can i say to those who have so much hatred toward sega?
whenever my stupid friends call me "segafreak" because i start talking to them about sega's great systems when they are talking about video games that suck, it makes me so mad and it reminds me of people that are like "ew Sega suX0rZ my @$$, and my ps2 has gta3 and Sega's stupid because they couldn't even keep making their own game systems" and i just want to ram my light gun down their throat and tell them that the Dreamcast could compete with the ps2 or any of the big 3 systems if it weren't for stupid asshats like them that only buy name brand games and consoles that have the same old game engine or formula that;s been used over and over and over again until final fantasy XVIXIVXI comes out on the ps58, while all the other game developers suffer because of all the stupid dumbass bitches that buy those crappy games that just keep fuling the beasts that are greedy multimillion dollar businesses and ceos that own the big companies that are just in it for the money and wouldn't give a damn if some kids died while they were making a penny or two.
Cause they're a bunch of trenfuks. They certainly don't care about game quality, they only care of what's cool now. I've had some of my friends refer to a games graphics as "Playsation 2 graphics", that in itself I think says more than any lecture or rant could ever do.

One other alarming trend is anything that isn't super macho and bloody isn't cool with guys anymore. They have this ultimate vision that anything that isn't macho is going to turn them gay. Certainly not speaking for everyone, and certainly not speaking for anyone on this board. But guys in general are scared and insecure about themselves.
Everyone I know that is a true video game fan, loves Sega. Now they also love other systems but we all recognize the genius behind the Sega Platforms. I think anyone who doesnt like Sega simply isnt enough of a video game fan to see the enormous contributions that Sega has made to video games. Many people cite the supposed superiority of the SNES over the Genesis but in reality the Genesis was released two years before the SNES so of course it's going to be somewhat behind. And the Dreamcast was certainly revolutionary, it had graphics well on par with the PS2 at a time when the PS1 and N64 where chunky away their blocky graphics. People who arent true fans tend to compare old systems to new systems based soley on "Grahpics". An Atari 2600 of course couldnt even compete with a PS2 or Game Cube now graphics wise but in 1977 it was truly amazing, just as the Sega systems were in their day. The Sega consoles were always revolutionary and I think thats what should be looked at. Anyway, just my two cents.
Nope...I won't believe it. Everybody LOVES Sega.

But actually more specific than Sega I hate when people make ignorant comments about how the Saturns sucks because it "had no good games" or "the playstation 0wn3d it."
I'm sure the same could go for the SCD/32x/DC.
Dude, 32x did suck

That was the biggest mistake Sega ever made other than forgettingt o test how long the GameGear could operate on batteries. (15 mins for $3 worth of AAs? NO WAY!.... though it did have the most awesome screen of any portable ever, a shitload of good games, and great accessories. If only it didn't require the AC adaptor to actually FINISH anything)
Yeah, i hate the "no good games" crap that they say. I hear that for dreamcast all the time. GRRRRR!

Ok, so the 32x wasn't so good. I bought it anyways! Long live sega!
32x wasn't a total loss. I enjoyed Cosmid Carnage at the time of its release, and Kolobri isn't a bad game either.

But yea, it was pretty bad.
I still want to kill that Blockbuster employee who actually laughed at me for asking where all the Dreamcast games had gone that they had had just a month earlier for rental. It's clueless shiznit like "Sega's gone out of business, the Dreamcast is dead, XBox/PS2/GC are much better" that just had me keeping myself from strangling him right then and there. <_<

On a side note - don't you wonder how many of the Sony fanboys have gone to arcades before and played the SEGA ones? Huh? Huh?
I actually turned a few heads and convinced some naysayers with my saturn way back in the day. Fighters Megamix, Panzer Dragoon Saga, were both reasons why some people wanted to trade their playstations for my saturn. No way I was gonna let go of any Candy goodness. (yes, I thought, some videogame characters were hot back then. actually, i still might do)
My wife's friend's brother is freaking annoying.

He's had pretty much every Nintendo system down the line.

He claims that every other system is crap.

He says DC, PS2, and XBox are all junk.

I agree the the GC is a nice system (it'll probably be the next one I buy), but he doesn't have any real reasoning for it.

He's never really played any other system, but he's the type of guy that thinks he's always right, so of course whatever system he owns in the best.

I just give up arguing with.

I did show him up though. He always bragged about his GBA and stuff. Well I got a Platinum GBA that is much cooler than his clear purple one. And I got Metroid Fusion, Zelda, Golden Sun, and Mario Advance 2 that beats the crap out of his games. He still tried to argue, but you could visually tell he was jealous

Shouldn't we all have grown out of this ten years ago? So long as we enjoy what we play, who cares?

The only thing that annoys me is when store staff push a particular system to people who come in looking for advice.
Originally posted by Taelon@May 26, 2003 @ 10:34 AM

On a side note - don't you wonder how many of the Sony fanboys have gone to arcades before and played the SEGA ones? Huh? Huh?

Actually, I don't think many of them have played any arcade at all

To me, most of the playstation fanboys are just some stupid people who never had any gaming experience before, but saw the massive ads of playstation and decided to buy one and now they think themselves as hardcore gamers.
Originally posted by SkankinMonkey@May 26, 2003 @ 01:26 PM

32x wasn't a total loss. I enjoyed Cosmid Carnage at the time of its release, and Kolobri isn't a bad game either.

But yea, it was pretty bad.

Cosmic Carnage was pretty cool just to see the zoom effect

I got a big thrill out of playing Virtua Racing Deluxe when it came out. That was SO awesome!
i had the choice between a SNES and a Genesis one year for christmas i went with the Gen and i was happy with it enjoyed it a lot.

Always liked it but got a Snes for some time for the RPGs, but i still liked the Gens better. I even bought the Sega Cd when it was released.

After sega blew off further production for the sega cd and released the 32X and then discontinued production for it also (not said chronologically) i never trusted a sega machine again. I didn't buy a saturn and i didn't buy a dreamcast and it was because i didn't trust sega's handling of their machines.

ya sure the dreamcast and saturn might have been great but sega really didn't do that well of a job keeping them alive just like the sega cd and 32X.
I've been a die-hard Sega Fan ever since I was 7 and seen that little blue hedgehog on my Sega Master System.

My point is simple, everyone becomes sega addicts if they just play the right sega things. I recently went on holiday leaving my old and beloved Dreamcast console at a mates house who a)thought Sega was rubbish b)hated all consoles (PC lover). He said that he would hardly play it. And over the course of those 2 weeks he got totally hooked on Sega stuff. He played to completion Shenmue 1, Shenmue 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Skies Of Arcadia, Headhunter and MSR. I had to fight for my console back!
Now he is a full time Sega fan and practically ditched his PC for gaming, bought an xbox and almost every single Sega game on it.

There are a lot of others I know who say Sega are crap based only on what they remember watching about 5-6 years ago! Doesn't it drive you mental? My plan is to show these people the path to glory gaming that is Sega, go forth an do the same segaxtremists.
"Now he is a full time Sega fan and practically ditched his PC for gaming, bought an xbox.."

That just sounds funny.

"He's a full-time Sega fan so he bought an X-Box"
this is the only place where i find true sega fans or fanatics (what ever) -- where i live, im surounded by sega bashers

as for stores bashing sega systems - i can understand that -its a matter of commision for them although every now and then they will take a sega cd or saturn game cause they know ill buy it ("that sap will buy it" - just joking) -- what pisses me off the most is my friend and i (bought out most of the shops stock of genesis carts and they wont get any more ( as far as i know game stops are suposed to circulate their stock around between the stores -- and they dont) they all got the same copies of wrestlemania and disney games -- every now and then someone will trade in a weird game and ill pick it up -- liek the last game a picked up was called the wharehouse game -- havent tried it yet but with a name like that its got to be good

i can certainly relate to all your stories ive had the same problem ever since the sega master system came out

and i liked the 32x - i thgouth it was awsome and had alot of potential and certainly it had its share of good games same with the sega cd -- i also rate what i belive the potential to be
I remember a long time ago at My local Target, i went in to buy a new Dreamcast, mine died, and the guy at the videogame counter told me "dude, you don't want a dreamcast, the games suck and playstation 2 is going to come out soon." That made me really mad to hear that. Stupid employees like that make me so mad.