Your movie database

Anyone go to YMDB? I suggest you all sign up so we can compare lists.

Here's my list in case you were wondering

Not exactly a list of grade-a films, but movies I like nonetheless. Please don't hurt me
My tastes in film runs like this:

Andrei Rublev

Citizen Kane/Touch of Evil


Fallen Angels/In the Mood for Love

The Princess and the Warrior

The Seven Samurai/Ran

Practically anything by David Lean

Ditto with Cohen Brothers

Anything by Terence Malick

Recently, I've been itching to see lower-grade films, especially Sci-Fi. I like the genre, but don't really like the caliber of films (for a real flame war....I don't like Kubrick, so hence no 2001 for me...) I'm actually looking forward to this summer's blockbusters. The Matrix Reloaded might, might be interesting and I think the Wachowski Brothers are sincere in their efforts (unlike most big filmmakers). The Hulk is directed by Ang Lee, written by Schamus, need I say more? And the rest, well, we'll see.