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Hey guys.

Well I have both a Saturn and a Dreamcast... and a steering wheel for the Saturn. I'd like to have one for the DC as well, plus get twin sticks for Virtual On (the Saturn twin sticks).

Obviously I don't have the desire or money to get everything in duplicate - but I heard fleeting mention of a small device (a 3-in-1 connector or something like that) which allows Saturn controllers of any kind to be used on the Dreamcast.

If anyone could tell me more about this thing...what is it called, does it work well, what are your experiences with it, where am I most likely to obtain one... (Let me worry about the twin sticks later :) ...

Thanks in advance, you may now continue your game everybody!!! :-D
Sounds like the Total Control 5 3 in 1 is what you need. I have seen it on lik-sang and other sites. Looks like it supports pretty much everything, but I haven't had personal experience with using one. Its not that expensive ($15.00). I've seen something else that is similiar on Ebay when I have personally tried to track down some twinsticks for my dreamcast.
Thanks Bones!
... May I call you Bones?
I have one -- works like a charm, but no analog sticks will work with it. If you need an analog control in a DC game and you're using a saturn controller, you're stuck.

They are good for arcade joysticks though.

Also works the same with PSX controllers and a PC Mouse
I do not know if the saturn virtual on double stick will be recognized;

I know virtual on does self detect what kind of controllers is attached (it does automatically show a controller or a double stick in the options/controls)

I tried to play with a dual shock attached ;

I thought the dual shock twin analog would map well

(second analog > L R analog on the dc?)

but it does not work..
I have this DreamConnection 3-in-1 (2 of 'em actually). I love it and I don't regret buying it (them). I use them for 2D fighters, period. They're VERY great for those games. Remember the times when the DC was still being developed and we Capcom fanboys (yeah right) were filing petitions all over for a change in controller design? This was a gift of God... yes it is. It allows Saturn control pads, Saturn guns, and steering wheels (i think), and tons of others. It also allows PSX blah blah blah, and PC PS/2 keyboard... I'll check the box when I get home and see if I get to post the details...

please do!!! :) Because if your DreamConnection 3in1 does support Saturn guns AND steering wheels, it'll be exactly what I need... that just leaves the twin sticks then.....
I have one opf these as well...mine is made by a company called innovation.

It allow saturn and psx controllers and steering wheels as well as a ps2 keyboard. There is a switch on it that switches between controller and steering wheels.

It works great and the vmu attachment has never corrupted any files.
Taelon (or Daimon
), only the Total Control 3 supports the Twin Sticks, it has a little button for "twin stick" mode, the last time I checked lik-sang was out of stock.
Originally posted by Presley Fire@Sep. 04 2002, 3:29 pm

Taelon (or Daimon
), only the Total Control 3 supports the Twin Sticks, it has a little button for "twin stick" mode, the last time I checked lik-sang was out of stock.

But Lan Kwei has the entire range of Total Contol products in stock.
I have a Total Control 3 and some Saturn twinsticks. The adapter worked great, for around a week, and now three different inputs don't work on it anymore. ie. the right stick can't move forward left or right, and 3 of 8 buttons are dead on my saturn pad. The sticks and pads still work fine on my saturn, so I'm figuring the adapter is fried. I've read elsewhere that these things aren't that well made. Make sure wherever you buy one from, you can exchange without to much hassle.
Innovation DC 3 in 1 works best. I hear total control blows your ports,

Twinsticks work

Steering wheels work (on innovation)

lightguns dont work

arcade sticks work

dance mats work