Your top 5 Favorite Software Manufactures


Mid Boss


2. SNK (Even though there Defunct now)

3. Capcom

4. Konami

5. nintendo

I rate my favorite games on GAME Magic (fun factor)

and playability and controlls . In that order .

I think so many people today rate software / hardware on how new it is . New=Cool in alot of people eyes .

Oh that games 2 months old , well its not worth anything and it sucks . Some people in this community share the same opinion as me , but most just play these retro games because there free .

For Example :

Phantasy Star One is the greatest game ever made .

Phantasy Star Online is very cool , but doesnt have the same total magic as PS1 . I paid $80 USD for mine back in 88-89 thats probably somthing like $140 in todays money .
Konami and Capcom are tops for me =)

Bandai too (for the dbz games)

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i actually went to Hong Kong to buy that game... i hoped that it'd work on my SNES back home... to my dismay, it didn't fit... so i wedged out the slots on the cartridge, and TADA! WOWEE! Love those huge fireballs! (I bought DBZ 3)... But the Meteo attacks rule!
Wow the furthest ive ever gone for a game is a couple of suburbs over (45 minute drive) where are you to Hong kong an island over ? For some reason i always thought you lived in Puerto Rico or somthing . (sorry)
hehe that's funny. Puerto Rico? Suavé! I have no spanish background at all.

I went to HK for a vacation actually, and i know that they sell tons of games there, so i bought one ;)




erm...and finally, Rare. I'm running a blank.

Those are in order of what came to mind. I'm taking a big interest in the Treasure games, haven't played Radiant Silvergun yet, but I *really* enjoyed Sin and Punishment - Tsumi To Batsu for N64. But I haven't played enough of their games yet.

Namco has been a favorite of mine, they always deliver the love :)
In no particular order:






LucasArts (for their wonderful adventure games on the PC)
you said software, so i'll list computer software deveolpers :)

1. Adobe

2. Macromedia

3. Id

4. Sierra

5. Symantec

What didnt make the list..

Microsoft :p
BAH! why square? They only have a couple of *excellent* games. They are good, but top 5? OH HEEELLLL NO! And I agree Silender, square really hasn't done anything *excellent* since Chrono Trigger. FF7 was good though, really enjoyed that.
Yeah Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X were good movies!(And FF XI is a good PSO/Everquest clone)

Hail Squaresoft, the "FMV king"

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Yeah, Square is great for Final Fantasy, but not much else. Their other games tend to be decent at best, Chrono Trigger being the noted exception.

Anyway, given my current mood, I'd say: