Zero gunner 2!

if you havnt seen or heard of this game, its awsome. it reminds me of radiant silvergun. its called zero gunner 2. for the dreamcast. they have a import preview or something on IGN.COM. check it out. i have it and it is fun.
This is a great game..but not as great as Ikaruga which is radient silvergun's psuedo sequel.

The graphics are very similar since its 3d models in 2d action. I thought it was a good game but sometimes i prefer straight 2d gameplay...

Give Ikaruga a try when it comes out on DC/PS2. I got a chance to play it at this arcade that has Japanese games...

I have it too. I thought it was unique with all the vechicles that transform into mech's once you piss them off enough. But IMHO, it doesn't come close to Radiant Silvergun, it's just not as polished. Something about RS is really spectacular the way all the music, art, and graphics all come togethor.
I enjoyed playing the game Zero Gunner 2. It is one of my favorite shooters.

I too have also heard about Ikaruga, but I have only heard rumors about it being released for DC?