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    MDFourier: An audio analysis tool for comparing Mega Drive/Genesis audio

    I've busy for the last few months with this project that is game preservation related. I am excited to hear what you guys think, and which results you get from it. Here is a small description of what it is: MDFourier is an open source software solution created to compare audio signatures...
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    Policenauts translated...

    But the saturn is in the horizon anyway. We just need to get Saturn programmers/hackers interested. By the way, it was released yesterday for the Playstation =)
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    SegaGaGa セガガガ

    I just got the Limited edition Box, and am ready to (try) and save Sega with my own hands!!!! Although I don't understand all, my limited Japanese does give me a glimpse of what is going on. I hope to one day be able to fully play this beauty,.
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    Section updates

    As you can see from the (low quality) code it was done several years ago. At the time I worked at a place that happened to have Softimage 3D, version 3 something. It was the first version named "3D", that I know for sure. But it wasn't really the version but a couple of plug ins for game...
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    Is this a good Deal?

    I'd go for it blindly... if everything is in working condition and games are complete, It would be a no brainer...
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    Snatcher Sample Test Disc at 98%

    I did document that in the page, maybe not as clear though: "I am positive that the digitized audio didn't change a bit in all of these three disc, I have not checked with real detail the CDDA tracks except for the Mega/Sega CD difference with the European one." I've checked some of the game...
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    Snatcher Sample Test Disc at 98%

    All the details are there under the Information and comparative link. Please tell me what you think and if you can help. I can at least tell that the text didn't change a single bit, but the amount of different bytes on the file is roughly 600 kb.... too much to be nothing at all. Sample Disc...
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    modding a us nomad to play jap import

    I've been able to play Japanese titles in my Nomad without any modification. Also UK titles (Zero Wing).
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    The First Annual SX Get Together!

    It is from July the 22th to July the 25th ...
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    The First Annual SX Get Together!

    Or we could organize meeting in a convention of some sort too... I am goi g to the Comicon (at San Diego) this year... If anyone want to meet there... (I don't think you'll come where I live at)
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    What time do you go to sleep?

    2-3 am.... I need to change that habit though... I am not getting any younger =P
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    Post a picture of your impressive game collection!

    And here's a pic of the stuff, although the layout has changed a bit and I found a nice plastic drawer to have the pads stored and accesible without the mess. The Genesis/Saturn/Sega Cd stuff is not here.. I'll take a pic of that later though. That on teh far right are the PS2, GC and Xbox games.
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    Post a picture of your impressive game collection!

    I am really glad to see thsi collections.. I am not currently at home but will take pics of the collection tonight.. althoug it is not quite as impressive as some already presented.. here are some of the pics I have stored (they are not actual, but close enough)
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    HDLOADER for PS2!

    I did buy the thingy.... You know I am teh kind of guy that when bleemcast for GT2 was announced was capable of going into teh Chicago Slums mall to find a copy and returned in less than 30 minutes via subway to a bussines dinner. In other words, when theer is software that has no chance of...
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    Sega Sammy new logo

    COnfirmed from another source: