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    it exactly what is the GC copyprotection?

    I know this is kinda late, but shouldn't you be able to use burned games on the q, well at least with a mod or something. Anyone know some sites to check at for this?
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    Dead mod board?

    odd, it doesnt run my original shining force 3.
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    Dead mod board?

    sorry if this is a double post for the same topic, but today i burned samurai showdown IV and i have the mod chip from lik sang and an action replay 4m. ok so i was playing the game and all of a sudden it brought me to the cd player screen. i restarted my saturn and it did the action replay...
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    metal slug booting problems

    ive tried mine hot, same thing happens. actually i burnt metal slug with the original jap country code and also one with a converted us one. the jap one didnt work but the us wouldnt go past the loading screen of the action replay thing. i already emailed lik sang about the problem to see if i...
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    metal slug booting problems

    alrite ive tried a couple of these. a) i bought the saturn booster from lik-sang and it has a switch in the middle so im sure it has both functions plus it said that on the site that it was b)what do you mean flip the switch soon enough? c)ive clean booted with both settings d) i burned it...
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    Saturn Booster question again

    yah i got it now. thanks.
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    metal slug booting problems

    alrite i finally got my mod chip and my saturn booster cart and now im testing it out. i just burned metal slug and popped it in. i accessed the booster card then started up pressing x+Y+Z to get the country settings bypass for the booster cart. everything starts going then it gives me this blue...
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    Saturn Booster question again

    alrite i finally got my saturn booster cart today, now the thing is im not sure what it does. i know it does that 5 in 1 crap but how do i use it. for instance, when i start up my saturn with the cart in, shouldnt like a cheat screen or something come up? and another thing, how do i get saved...
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    action replay 4m vs saturn booster

    but doesnt the action replay 4m have the switch also? and whats can i use the com port for? (Edited by j3tt16 at 12:08 am on Feb. 7, 2002)
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    action replay 4m vs saturn booster

    i know they both do the same thing but are there any differences in the two? i also heard that you can't save directly to either of these cartriges, is this true? and if so how do i use it to save games?
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    saturn boot disc

    i just downloaded this boot disc thing from locke's ftp site. is it like the dreamcast boot disc that plays burnt discs without a mod chip or is it something else?
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    Burning ISO/MP3 files

    fron what i hear you can use easy cd pro which you can download from this site. i havent tried it yet since i dont have a mod chip to test the burns. also there should be tutorials in teh misc. section.
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    Saturn mod chip

    did you get yours there? and i cant understand a word they say how did you order it? do they accept visa?
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    a missing part?

    i recently bought a saturn yahoo with just the system, i finally got it a couple days ago, and in the back right corner(if your facing the controller ports) there's a panel missing, im not sure if a card is supposed to be there or something. i can see the battery. wny help would be cool.
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    4-1 action replay

    I just read that some games require the 1mb ram cart and isnt the action replay only 4mb? i also heard something about an action replay where you can switch from 1 to 4 whenever you feel like. The thing is I just got metal slug and im wondering what i should do, since it is a backup and im...