Dead mod board?

sorry if this is a double post for the same topic, but today i burned samurai showdown IV and i have the mod chip from lik sang and an action replay 4m. ok so i was playing the game and all of a sudden it brought me to the cd player screen. i restarted my saturn and it did the action replay stuff but when it was time to load, it didnt do anything. i also tried metal slug, which worked out in the past but it still did the same thing. next i took out the action replay board and tried samurai showdown, it was converted to the american code so it should have brought up the blue ram screen but it didnt. now my question is, should i toss the mod board, or is there some way to fix this?
Check all the modboard connections. Make sure the ribbon cable isn't broken. A connection failure is far more likely than a failure of the chips on the board...