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Cold Case 0.3


  • fixed issue with distorted health bar etc (thanks to fafling)
  • changed jump sound fx
  • added enemy alerted sound fx
  • small bat enemy added to mirror church / tower
  • added player blood when hurt
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Cold Case Update V0.2:

Improved level loading times by switching from .txt file to .bin file
Player now steps up if height difference is less than 20, improved collisions slightly
Fixed issue with menu on title screen
added new room to church - church office
added mirror church level (work in progress)
adjusted enemy health

known bugs:
player sometimes drops into floor when going down ladder
sometimes crashes in church level on Mednafen
some of title screen missing when testing on PAL Saturn
issue with VDP2 planes rotation
text boxes and health bar look slightly rotated - seems to be an issue when x and y scale is different.

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Saitiator wouldn't load the audio tracks, should be ok now
added music tracks