Sakura Wars: Columns 2 (English Translation Patch)

Sakura Wars: Columns 2 (English Translation Patch) 1.2

.------------::[ v1.2 Release Notes ]::------------- | | Almost a year after the last update to this patch, I decided to deliver this | little v1.2 release to all the fans out there. The changes aren't massive, | but they address a few important things (in my opinion): | | -> Fixed typo in Kohran's victory message for "Shonen Red" mode. | -> Fixed character mood erroneously showing "HAPPY" when it should be | "GRUMPY". | -> Removed ISP-settings-check from built-in web browser used to access DLC | and unlocked save. | -> Replaced built-in web browser with English version. | | Regarding the last two items on the list above, recall that I included all | DLC, as well as a fully 100% unlocked save, accessible directly from within | the main menu of the game itself. However, after initial release, some | emulator users reported seeing an error when attempting to launch the | built-in web browser to access that content. At first, I misdiagnosed this | as a lack of modem/BBA emulation support, since others emulators (e.g. | Flycast) had no issue. However, it turned out to be reproduceable on real | hardware (thanks again, MattoBii). | | Ultimately, I was able to remove this ISP-settings-check with an assembly | hack, meaning that everyone can now access that bonus content, no matter how | they're playing the game. With that, I do believe this patch is complete! | | Enjoy, everyone! | `---------------------------------------------------
I'm happy to announce the v1.1 release of our team's "Sakura Wars: Columns 2" English translation patch! Find the release notes in the readme.