Saturn Bomberman Fight!!

Saturn Bomberman Fight!! .004

Bomberman Fight!!
A Sega Saturn fan localization by Malenko and friends.
Dedicated to:
Yuki Mei
April 8th 2006 - June 19th 2023

Resources used:
CrystalTile2: Crystal Tile 2
Photoshop CS2:
bytesearch: ByteSearch
Sega Saturn Patcher: Sega Saturn Patcher
Yaba SanShiro Emulator: uoYabause
Randomhoohaas bomberman site: Ragey's Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place

The team:
SoloNerfHerder translation of all the Japanese and for helping me organize better.
BlueMoon95 for extensive beta testing and making way too many tiles.
Derek (a-team) for a text dumper GO PERL!
Danthrax made a new title screen , it just needs jigsawed into the game.
Black Dragon King for trying to sort out an ASM hack
Malenko everything else.

Big thanks to the SegaXtreme and Shiro discords

Files changed:
END1.BIN Ending tile display order values
END1CHR.BIN Ending credit tiles
HOWCHR.BIN Tutorial dialog tiles
PLS2.BIN Character name tiles for select screen
TALKANM.BIN Story mode dialog
TALKCHR.BIN Story mode tiles
TITCHR.BIN Main and Sub menu text
VS.BIN Tutorial text

Q: Are you going to replace the Japanese voices?
A: No. Not only are they quite charming, it'd be like making Ryu scream "DRAGON PUNCH!"

Q: How "literal" is the translation/localization?
A: The "story" is non-sensicle and really just serves and a silly reason for the bomber battle to happen. That being
said, we tried our best to stay in the spirit of the game while still having all the text fit.

Q: Title screen staying Japanese?
A: For now, good news is you already know the name of the game you're playing.

Q: Why do the Shiro Patreaons get BETAs?
A: It is my way of helping them get more subs, and me getting involved BETA testers. I previously released betas to the
public and didnt get a ton of feedback TBH.

Q: How much do you want for this patch?
A: Its free, don't pay for it. Pipe Dream Games is going to sell repros of this with my permission

Q: Do you have a pateon or anything?
A: No patreon, I don't want to feel obligated to work on things when I'm not up for it. You can buy me a donut
if you want to. Pay Malenko using PayPal.Me
(I’d also love a doughnut, especially if it’s Dunkin - we don’t have Dunkin Donuts over here! -SoloNerfherder)

Q: Do you think people read the readme?
A: No.

Q: Where did you hide Craig Stadler?
A: There is a special cheat code to replace Deral with Walrus done at the character select screen.
JK, no Papa Craig this time.

V.004 Shiro Patreon BETA 4 / Public BETA 1
Another all new font, redid over 530 tiles. FML.
Baguro's story is complete
more "credit scroll" work

V.003 Shiro Patreon BETA 3
Shiro's story mode is complete, just not the ending
Kuro's story mode is complete, just not the ending
All new font, redid over 280 tiles in addition to creating even more new ones.
Custom tile count finally exceeded 300
Started work on the "credits scroll"

V.002 Shiro Patreon BETA2
Shirobon's story mode progress:
pre and post fight done for chapters 1,2,3,and 4. Typos be damned.
Corrected case sensitive errors in the translation tiles for numerous spots. This will be a recurring thing until I improve my tools.
sprite alignment fix for Player Entry

V.001 Shiro Patreon BETA
Battle Mode select config partial translation
Story Mode config translated
Battle Mode config translated
Pad Type translated
Sound Mode/test translated
Player Entry translated
Player Data translated
Character Data translated
translated names on story mode select screen
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