Slide Hop

Slide Hop SLIDE HOP 1.2A

Slide Hop 1.2 broke the textures.
This update fixes the textures.
Thank you, and goodbye!
- Unplanned update
- Implemented improvements according to feedback from "in the wild" players
- Flag texture changed/improved so it is now transparent (and therefore does not block the exact center of the screen when you have it)
- Bugged flag shield texture fixed
- Added an indication that your reset point was successfully set
- Added names to each level
- Adjusted the camera to set its direction in place quicker
- Adjusted the camera so as to start the lockout timer when you are moving backwards (holding DOWN)
- Added an option to invert the camera
- Tilted the camera upwards a bit when moving and in the air
- Fixed an ungettable ring on level 2
- Adjusted the function of the A button
- Fixed the strafe cam / reset camera button (C button)
- Fixed up a few assets to decrease Z-fighting
- The movement camera now starts at a minimum speed (instead of from 0)
- *Slightly* increased the time requirements for a gold medal

Overall I am keenly aware that the lack of a second analogue stick is a dire and crippling issue which forces new players to rely on automated camera movements. You should have played enough games to know that is a terrible situation to be in. The placement of the analog stick on the 3D pad also does not help, because the D-pad is on the wrong side of the controller relative to it. Thusly, players are stuck using the face buttons as an upside down keypad and this is not intuitive. It is however the best option.

This *should* be the last update. I'm aware that the camera still sucks. Someone else could do better for third person camera controls. I'm also aware that the keys are not rebindable; i guess you can unlock that feature with an emulator.
- Release build
- Added title background
- Added "Kaizo" level (level 9)
- Some bug fixes
- Probably also some bugs added
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- Probably the release build, if not very close to it
- Added blink animation
- Re-implemented / fixed hardware validation
- Some changes to intro level
- Should update the screenshots