Slide Hop

Slide Hop ALPHA RC6 9-25-23

- Some animated textures added
- Some bug fixes
- Guides added to levels, restructured tracks
- Level 8 is doing to be re-done later
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- Performance improvements via integration of a new SCU-DSP program
- Additional performance improvements to "Slave" SH2 program
- May be other minor adjustments, but that is all this update achieves.
- I am aware I need to actually work on the game soon :)
- Changed physics slightly
- Level adjustments
- Added forward impulse upon pressing R (glide) when X/Z velocity is low and player is mid-air
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- Official SAGE build
- Probably has performance problems
- I didn't test much, hopefully it works
- Updated Level 0 into a pseudo-tutorial
- Why did I upload the previous version? So silly.
- Should fix the loading bug
- Fair amount of work, optimization, and level adjustments to be done before SAGE.
- Textures / music for all levels
- No level adjustments
- Known loading bug but don't know cause

- Oh, I need to fix the attributions for the music.
- Updated level 1 (textures/music)
- Even further reduced bounce
- No other changes
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- Slight texture work
- HEAVILY adjusted palette
- Reduced bounce
- Slight adjustment to level 1
- I think that's all
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- Added hardware validation.
If you know what that means, you know.
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Nothing really to see here, want to know if this fixes the occasional loading bug.
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