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[Beta RC3 12-6-23]

What is a Slide Hop?

Slide Hop is a 3D almost-platformer.
It is called as such because it's definitely 3D but it's a bit different from a platformer.

What you will be doing in Slide Hop is learning how to go fast while sliding & hopping.
But you also have to explore each level to find out where to go fast to, in what order.
Essentially, a time-trial platformer.

There are 8 levels. You spawn in the tutorial level (marked as #8) and are obliged to go to level 0, the intro level. After that you can go to any level you choose.

The game supports the standard Saturn digital pad and the 3D control pad.

As some know, I have posted builds of the game's engine since 2020.
I started work on this game in November of 2022.
I made it knowing that this type of game isn't a blockbuster.
This particular game wasn't going to be great, but I was dedicated to it.

thus future downloads) will be live here:
For downloads and updates, please DO see that resource page.
Source code is here:
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great work, for the saturn every homebrew is a little miracle. the bouncy physics are fun and looks nice with good framerate on real hardware.
waiting the sage build.
A report on some issues, known and established by contact from Fandu:

1. Gates sometimes failing to detect passage
Been an issue since November. Have tried to fix it multiple times to no avail (well, i improved it, the problem isn't completely gone). It's a problem that I know exists right now but I don't understand it. Note that in some (most) cases it will be that you simply flew under or over the gate; that is an issue that can be fixed by just making the floor under the gate flat.

2. Glitchy nature of walking down a slope (particularly on objects)
Been an issue since November. I also have tried to fix this multiple times. It's a multi-faceted issue; the core reason it happens is not something I understand. I was able to mostly fix it. However, part of why it happens has to do with bounce, mostly that bouncing makes it worse (since you release from surface once, then just keep bouncing). I'll have to try again on that; no promises though, because it's mostly just how the math is playing out and the math is largely where I want it...

3. Zero-air impulse
I noticed this, but I''ll take it seriously now. I plan to just patch in an impulse from the "Hop" button (R) when you have low X/Z velocity in the air. That way, you can jump and then pulse in a particular direction.

4. (quick text)
(i'll just make that longer, it is quick)

5. (camera angle when jumping)
(i do find myself pivoting it upwards; the downward angle is intended to give closer view of the landing, may change/may not idk)
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