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Homebrew: Slide Hop SLIDE HOP 1.2A

Ponut updated Slide Hop with a new update entry:

Slide Hop 1.2 Jan 13th 2024

- Unplanned update
- Implemented improvements according to feedback from "in the wild" players
- Flag texture changed/improved so it is now transparent (and therefore does not block the exact center of the screen when you have it)
- Bugged flag shield texture fixed
- Added an indication that your reset point was successfully set
- Added names to each level
- Adjusted the camera to set its direction in place quicker
- Adjusted the camera so as to start the lockout timer when you are...

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[Slide Hop 1.2 Jan 13th 2024]
Does it only work on original hardware?
Because it doesn't work with YabaSanshiro version 1.9.3.


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Hi @Ponut

Great fun game :)

Also thank you for releasing the source code. I'm not a game developer, but I hope the source code helps other developers in the future.