1st Change at SX

As some of (but not many) may have noticed. the exclusive "ftpa" forum is now gone. Do not take this to mean that I am anti-ftp, but rather I am against the elitism that such a forum creates. If you want to run an ftp fine and dandy...stick it in the ftp forum, but if you want to be above the rest of the rabble...well that doesn't fly.

If you want to limit the access to your ftp just do this..go to the ftp forum say "I have an FTP, email me for details" if you want to keep it "exclusive". Otherwise have a free lech ftp and deal with that. Unfortunately, the FTP Alliance allows for things that SX is wholly against (warez, divx movies, newer console isos) flourish.

On the same token, I(and other SX staffers) will be checking the ftps in the ftp forum and if content on it is deemed too new for this Retro site, it will be removed.

I'm all for spreading Saturn, SegaCD, and other dead and buried iso goodness....but not if it snowballs into the very gray area of pirating currently saleable items.

Rev.... that wasnt a good idea, I mean FTPA hosts were checked and so on. They are the stable ftp here, no info about them were posted on how to logon only the emails. The ONLY thing listed was the DC hub, I dont know... but I dont rem anyone asking for the page to be removed. Just some info...
Wasn't a good idea for the handful of people who had access to that info you mean?

A I said above...if you want to run a private ftp server, more power to you...but this site is not going to "harbor" them for the good of the few.

Use email..use PM..use messenger services to talk about your ftp, but keep it out of the eyesight of newbies who have no chance of getting onto the FTPa because they don't have anything to provide.

This site was always been about sharing...not sharing for the few.
Forget what I said, ask them what they want. Ask SX users what they want and not, I mean after all its them that visit, not my concern, Im just tech support =)
See this is where your logic deviates from mine.

It is not what the users of SX want that is ultimately important, rather it is what the providers of SX deem to give that at the end of the day matters. This site is a service to the community...we are not in the business to catering however.

I'm sure plenty of users want Dreamcast ISOs...doesn't mean I'm going to help them find them.

I'm sure plenty wouldn't mind getting their hands on the latest PC games, again..this is not what the site is for.

Now I'm sorry for cutting off your supply of fresh ftps to exploit by dangling "membership" in front of them, but this is how it will be done.
I said it once, Ill say it again, I do NOT care for the items on ftp! I dont even USE them! AT ALL. This is NOT my haven for them. Im tech support and so. Always have always will be. FTPA was designed to keep issues, spam, emails down regarding ftp or isos. As for me running a server? Why? I dont do this stuff. Most my stuff is legal. Only thing ive been up to is some old Star Treks the I lost in the move. Not like im MOST ppl who downloaded Warcraft 3. I have my legal copy from blizzard =)

Anyways I dont mind changes and all this, Id LOVE to see alot more here. Im only expressing emails and PM that I have recived as they are afraid to post due to "banning" or so. So Ill express the voice thats all Ill do. I dont like mass warez either or hacks. Retro I like but thats about it.

Anyways thats my post.
Good..since we are agreed..time to stop posting on the subject matter, m'kay?

I am more than willing to listen to any input that you SXers out there want to toss my way. Got a better way of doing things?...well let me know.

AS for what's next...well it might take awhile to get totally hammered out, but I'm pretty excited about the possibilities.

Ok rev, first challenge. HELP ME! LOL

I made Rpg HQ to have SX users (not just one person) to post a review on a rpg for sega (or nes NX) and comments on them so people can know whats good, why, whats bad.

I claim the lunar one. But HELL Id love to hear what Snatcher is about.... I never played it. Try that for starters
Okay, well first off the RPG HQ is going to be spun into the Reviews section if and when anyone decides to contribute to it.

Snatcher is a great game if you are a fan of the movie Blade Runner. It basically deals with the same sort of apocalyptic future popularized by that movie (and the short story by Philip Dick)

Basically, it is an old school adventure game...think text adventure with graphics...where you go around and try to solve the mystery.

The game hasover the top gore....probably why it is so popular...we are talking pictures of decapitated people...all anime of course. More importantly, it has a compelling story that makes you want to play it through. I sure did.

One of the cool little perks is the fact that you can use the Justifier light gun in a few of the shooting action scenes (although the control pad works fine too).

Basically, the whole game is a animated novel. Lots of fun, lots of style, and lots of blood. it's every gamer's dream.

Easily one of the best on the SegaCD.

Oh and Yes I am thinking bigger
Good glad SOMEONE is thinking bigger, bout time!

LOL try me, I gotta work with people who have a issue on a emu, chat bot, or game lol. Not easy tasks since not every PC is the same or stuff on them.
Reviews might be a better section that is true, Rev, you and I need to decuss newbie 101 sometime. As you know some things need to be added to the list.
Originally posted by Mysticales@July 09 2002,23:47

Good glad SOMEONE is thinking bigger, bout time!

This goes back to the suggestions thing I referred to earlier. I think a suggestions thread is in order.

So what'd the Battle Mystic do to get banned? That was awfully quick.
Noticed it as well...

Looks like there's a storm brewing....

That being said, I'm not sure what went on in the FTPA forum, but if it has to do with the pirating of more recent works and such, well there's really no place for it over here. Is this also the reason the FTPA page listing is gone as well? I was under the assumption that the page was for a list of ftps that were identified as being reliable (as in, being online when their listing said they would be) it was easy enough to search through the ftp forums to find the info for these FTPA ftps, but well, the page really seemed out of date, listing ftps that haven't been up for months and such. Anyway, it's easy enough to just look in the forums, the page was just seemed to be a convenience factor.
Ok I found out what happened Seems someone thought I was trying to lure people away from sx... odd dont know why thats so or why I would even DO that lol. ANYWAYS my email is open always =) long live SX.