2 questions.

Hi all,

I'm a semi-n00b. I've lurked for about a month on the Sega CD forum. I'm not going to ask for a game image or how to do something thats in an FAQ. I read through the first 5 pages of this forum. I wasn't sure if this should have been tech or what, but it seemed general enough. My first question is just asking to confirm something and the other a question regarding game info. That said, here goes and I hope I don't get flamed.

1) For the Saturn-swap, so far as I can tell, there is no tangible advantage from doing this as it still requires you to have the original game (I guess because of that protect on the outside of the CD). Did I read that right in that you ALWAYS need the original? My girlfriend bought a Saturn to keep at my house (damn I lover her) and she doesn't like having to run the CD back and forth when she stays the night at my place.

2) For Dragon Force 2, do you have to know how to read Japanese to play this game? Are there any translations? I did a google search but it came up dry. My girlfriend so wants to play this and I want to be her knight in shining armor here.

Thanks, and I appreciate any answers.
Hi, you just need any original game to boot a CDR.. It doesn't have to be the same game. Some people seem to think that some originals work better than others for booting, but I never encountered that. Having said that, it's been a long time since I did the swap trick.

Can't help with the second question I'm afraid, as I've never played it.

Hope this helps a bit
Yeah, I just tried doing another search (this time with vague parameters) and I found my answer. Thanks for the answer to the first question. Thanks for not flaming a n00b.