21/20 Pin Saturn Mod Question



I've heard rumors that you can cut the cable from a 21 pin mod board to work with a 20 pin model 1 saturn.

Anyone ever try this or hear if it works?

If so, what type of modboards do they work with?

I'd like to chip my model 1 (This one's hacked to death anyway!), and I've given up waiting for jandaman's 20/21 pin universal mod.


Even though I haven't looked at this for a while, I really don't think it would work.

Some time ago ExCyber and I were comparing what the 20 and 21 pin interfaces connected to with a view of hacking a 21 pin mod into a 20 pin Saturn.

IIRC a couple fo the pins were transposed and so I don't think a simple ribbon cable trim would work.

Also considering that the only mods available new these days use only one ribbon cable and you actually insert the PCB into the mainboard, you'd need to trim the PCB too.

Oh yeah, and then you'd need to find a clock signal as well.