21-pin? 20 pin? wha?

how do you know which one is which?

help me please .....

i'm dying to get a mod chip but i'm not sure if my saturn is a 21-pin so....
Open up the Saturn by removing the 5 screws that hold the lid on.

Have a look at the ribbon cable that connects the CD board of the Saturn to the main board. If there are 21 wires in the ribbon cable you have a 21 pin Saturn.

There are variations of 21 pin Saturns, but we'll get to them later.
the gamegizmo mod chip works for ALL 21-pin Saturns, correct?

i just counted and got 21..... unless i was counting the wrong thing.

the wires in the ribbon cable are the dark lines, right?

and i'm not sure which ribbon cable to count.

is it the long horizontal one that's folded at some points?
The Gamegizmo mods work fine with 32 pin Saturns and 64 pin Saturns.

They may work with Saturns that have a Sanyo CD board, I'm hoping to test the theory soon.

Yes, the dark parts are the wires in the ribbon cable.

Going by your description you have counted the correct cable and you have a 64 pin Saturn. If that is the case then you need to buy the mod from Gamegizmo.

i'm getting them in a month or so, i guess. thanks!

oh btw, how do you know if your Saturn has a Sanyo CD board?
Look for a "Sanyo" logo on the CD board. I think all non-Sanyo boards are JVC. Also has no chip to solder to (64 or 32 pin chip that is)
It will also have a small pcb in the middle of the ribbon cables going from the CD board to the main board. It's called a PC trap.

Going on your description of a folded ribbon cable, I'm 99% positive you have a 64pin Saturn.
actually i have two saturns.

one is japanese; it's a 21-pin but ribbon cable isn't folded.

the other is a US saturn, and that's the one that has 21 pins and a folded cable.

i don't have sanyo boards and PC traps so i guess i'm a happy man!