21 pin model 1


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Ok, i dont want to get my hopes up but i'm pretty sure i have a 21 pin model 1 sega saturn. I opened it up and i just want to make sure i'm counting the right pins. Say i'm looking at the saturn from the front facing me. The ribbon to the right, do i count the pins which connect that ribbon to the cd board? If not, what pins do i count. If i do count those... then i have 21 pins.
the ribbon cable going from the CD unit to the MB. also make sure you compare your board/chip layout to the install instructions first, chances are that you might not find proper instructions for this type.. better be safe than sorry.
I know but which ribbon. I'm not good with this i'm gonna get a friend to solder it. The ribbon in the front right or the ribbon in the back?
well i dunno if mine is the same. It's kinda weird. the ribbon cable is sorta folded over and taped with a piece of yellow thin-clear tape. I'm pretty sure it came that way when bought. but any way, what side, if it's not a v saturn like that, would you use for counting?
YES, ON WITH THE QUESTOINS! i'm gonna buy a mod chip because i'm too lazy to swap anymore. Ok, the one that playthegames sells, is that the same kind as the lan kwei one?
Game Gizmo, PlaytheGames, and Lan-Kwei all sell the board with two wires you have to solder. So I can say they're the same type. However I don't know if the manufactureres are the same. You'd need to check on that with the individual companies. The chips sold by Lan-Kwei are actually manufactured by XGA Industries of China. If you order them from XGA they're $1 cheaper than going through Lan-Kwei. I believe the XGA website was http://www.xinga.com/ or something to that effect.
You could always ask Cecilia Chen or Trenton Net to get you one of those really common pass through mods.
Sadly DBOY is right.

Just for a change I was being sarcastic. They do seem to be hard to find for most people.

I believe even Cecilia Chen and Trenton Net have had to slum it at some stage and use Lik Sang style mods too.