3 meg option?

Not 100% sure, but I think before Capcom made their four meg cart they thought it would be a three meg model [Cyberbots has the option also, while Pocket Fighter has a 1/4meg option IIRC]. Anything to best SNK's 1meg I guess. Anyway, it works fine with the 1/4meg carts. Honestly, I can't tell the difference between with and without the extra RAM on any three of the games.
There's supposedly an increased framerate with the cart in there for MSH, but I cant tell the difference though
I have MSH and also using a PAR4+ and I can't notice the difference either.

Maybe the PAR4+ isnt compatible an therefore the game plays without the additional RAM? Anyone tried it with an offical RAM cart? If so, is the difference noticable?
I've never noticed the option on Cyberbots, but I have noticed that the character sprites are messed up when the 4 meg cart is in the slot. I'll give this a try later to see if the sprites look okay with the option enabled.

Later: It seems that I can't get the mixed up sprites to show up now...problem solved....uh I guess.. ;^)

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All the games mentioned should work fine with any RAM cart [1 or 4]. I know they work 100% OK with my AR Plus 4meg.

A little side note... the US rev of Marvel has the three meg option too. Guess Capcom was thinking about releasing a RAM cart here too.