32X Conversion Cable

Hello all!!!

First I want say sorry for my bad english I'm from Germany.

At eBay I have bought me a PAL Mega Drive1 and a Mega CD2 and at home I have a PAL Mega Drive2 and a 32x.

Now I want to use a combination of Mega Drive1, Mega CD2 and 32x, but I have a problem. When I have bought me the 32x there wasn't the Conversion Cable in the packet and now i can't connect the 32x to the MD.

Can somebody tell me if it is possible to built the cable by my own. What plugs I need and what is the pin allocation?

P.S. I have read about a Mega Drive Mod in this forum and I have understand it, too. But can somebody tell me what switches i can use(firm name;knowing number;where can I buy them etc).
The 32x is a mini 10pin DIN, which unfortunately seems to be of the non-standard variety - at least, I haven't found a shop that sells them yet.

You are right about the MD end though, JDAdams. You can get these at just about any electronics store.
Thanks Curtis and JDAdams. I'll go tomorrow to an electronic store and buy me these plugs.