32x emulator, is it possible?

My overactive (and technically deffecient) brain has got me wondering...Has a 32x emulator ever been made? Seeing that it uses two Hitachi SH2's (Like the Saturn)overlaid on the Genesis graphics and uses Genesis sound, could an emulator be made using the Saturn???

Maybe not full emulation, but couldn't it at least reproduce the graphic layer that the 32x was outputting? Just curious...
I recommend RetroDrive. it's the fastest. Virtua Fighter (the reason I got mine in the first place, along with Doom, Virtua Racing, and Star Wars Arcade) works though. :)
hey Cloud - any idea where I could get some 32x hookup cables? I traded for a 32x without the two/three cables needed to hook it up to a Genny - never thought they'd be so hard to find. Even sega-parts.com only has one of the bunch.
Cloud121, thanks a bunch! Very cool sites...am I wrong or is that guy a developer at Visual Concepts?

I own a 32x and have quite a few games for it. (Space Harrier, Shadow Squadron, PGA 36 Holes, Chaotix and Star Wars Arcade) But the two titles I want most (Kolibri and Spiderman) are difficult to find. I'll try out the emulator although I doubt my computer will be able to handle it. I'm really surprised to hear that there is an emulator for the 32x! Thanks again Cloud121.

But, what about the Saturn? Could an emulator for the 32x run on the Saturn? Seeing that it has the same chip setup it should be possible, no?
well, no. you are forgetting that you'd need to emulate a genesis fully, AND the 32x together.. doubt it has the power.
DC doesn't even have a well working genesis emulator (well, sound-wise at least).. if there will be a 32x emu, it'll be a long time before it comes out.
Spiderman ran as slow as #### on my PIII 800. I'm mot sure whether Kolibri works though. Doom (albeit slow) runs at pretty decent speeds. VF runs just fast enough to be playable (thank god :)) I'm not to sure about getting the hook-ups for 32x. maybe try http://www.usedgames.com or try asking Ice about them.