32x in local market

Would you believe it! when i went to work thismorning i passed through the market and they had a 32X for 25 quid fully boxed! by lunch time it had gone. If i wasnt skint i would have bought it, they usually go for £60. i'm p'd off now.
yeah that musta sucked. kinda like when i went to Wal-Mart and saw a saturn new in box(box messed up a bit) for $40 like 2 years ago, i begged my mom to loan me the money for it and she did. but man, a 32X new in box.........damn........sucks to be you. shoulda asked if they could hold it or called a friend to pick it up for you.
Well if you see any more ziggy then buy one and i'll send you some money to post it to the UK.

Oh, this was a second hand one, the box still had its original price tag of £230 from HMV pon it, must have been bought when it was released!
Well, i have come to the conclusion that secondhand 32Xs are just overpriced over here. I'm right in thinking that these things dont have a region code right?

I fancy my model 1 mega CD becoming a little taller in the future