3DO Emulation

ok there is a hardware one...but there is a card made by creative labs that lets you play the games on your PC but it requires a specal video card and CD-Rom Drive for software there is none because the discs are encyrpted meaing they wont work there was a emulator but i dont really remeber it...it was basicly a project to brake the encyrption.
From what I can tell, the encryption has been broken. There is a utility called unCD-ROM12.zip that will extract all the data on a 3DO CD to your PC. It works as I've tested it, although I'm not sure what you can do with the data at that point. The utility, from what I can see, will not let you wrap it back into a 3DO ISO image. I tried burning just the data to a CD but the 3DO can't read it. I was hoping to take the audio tracks and convert them to MP3 to minimize the file sizes, but the audio is in a non-recognized format, even though Windows Media Player can play the audio???

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From what I've read about the 3DO architecture, it seems that the CDs aren't encrypted, but rather use a proprietary filesystem (i guess you could argue that there's no difference, but whatever). I've also read that direct graphics/sound/CD-ROM hardware access was (supposed to be) uncommon, and that just about everything is done through a standard API. Does anyone know if this is accurate?


Now that I've looked at uncdrom.cpp, it seems that the reason that it doesn't let you create a 3DO filesystem image is that several of the filesystem's data structures are unknown. On a related note, have any 3DO BIOS images been dumped?

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