3DO Emulator

There have been a couple of projects, but no working emulators yet. It seems that 3DO hardware documentation is hard to come by, so it will likely be necessary to reverse engineer the API calls from the BIOS.
considering the system is officially dead in the market, wouldnt someone just be able to ask matsushita for the documentation?
Ratamahatta: WRT your plan of asking for docs, I found this on the FreeDO site:

"I have it on excellent authority that Trip will not release any information on the Opera unless he is paid handsomely for it. Trip sees himself as having "lost" money on the whole 3DO Multiplayer thing, and is of

the personality type that would rather take it to his grave than give it away."

For those who don't know, "Trip" is Trip Hawkins, founder of EA and the guy who ran the 3DO project, among other things.
That's ok, as one of the financial giants of 3do <FZ-1, 50+ games> I can say that there are some that might hope he carries it to his grave sooner than later... : Only in fun of course, but he was only in it for the money ever. He had no gaming background and made decisions that echoed it constantly. 3do was the 1st and best, I loved mine when I invested in it, and that investment was only and will only ever be for the gamer in me. <When it came out I was selling computers at Wal-Mart, what I spent on mine was well over half my yearly salary :) >

I hope in the future we will see people porting freeware or arcade games for it. Once the code is reverse engineered I believe you will see alot of that due to the close programing structure of 3do and PC. <crosses fingers>
Financial giant=buying the FZ1 the day it came out and later spending money on about 60 games for the unit. Was writing the above post and found a tender moment of sorts, so I left that part out :)