3DS,DXF race track


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Does someone know where I can find 3DS,DXF race track ? I would like to change the track on the SGL driving sample. If I manage to change this track, I'll try to make more.
Try http://www.3dcafe.com

Don't know if they have what you want, but they have heaps anyway
Thanks you for your help Curtis, I found some cars but no tracks. I managed to find one elsewhere but "dxf2sg3" doesn't want to convert the file, it finds 0 vertices and 0 polygons.
Remember that any conversion utilities for the Saturn are from prehistoric times, and though the DXF and 3DS formats have been around for a long time and there's bound to be some changes in the file formats and in how programs use them. There may also be some extra restrictions, like having to use only quads and no other primitives.
You were right Antime, there a problem with DXF version, I saw that with a notepad(DXF files are plain tetx files) because an apple model worked and my track didn't. Also it seems to have a number of vertices limitation, I had to cut my track, now I have a .mdl with a half track.

Next, I only have to reduce polygon numbers, rename them, add a background in the sample and it should work.