4in1 carts


- 4M memory card function! (not RAM card function!)

- 1M RAM card function!

The GoCyberShop one only has 1MB RAM Expansion like antime said, and 4 MB for memory.

Yours is the real deal, has the autoswitch 1MB or 4MB RAM capabilities. :smash
While we're sort of on the subject, those carts do not have 4MBit of save memory. They have 2MBit of flash that is shared between the firmware (takes 512KBit), the code list (stock code list takes around 155KBit) and saves. The saves do get compressed by the AR firmware, but compressibility of saved games varies, so claiming a hard capacity of 4MBit is kind of silly.

How you want to handle this is up to you; I won't deny that EMS created something of a BS-fest by originating the claim...