Do people still play PSO???

I was on the DC for Ver1. Was going to be on V2 but somethings happened and I need all the money I could get so I sold my DC do people still play on DC? Are the net works still up or still running for any other systems? I was a Level 100 Droid named Synsear v2 and a Human Hunter named Synsear also 100 Yup I was into it. I would honestly love to play it again esspecially on DC like I remember it heh dang that was two years ago and I can still remember everything about the game even the guild card tricks and how to push thru locked doors, and how to make certian mags with the parts and the ID's I miss PSO
I'd by a system just to solely play it again
The DC PSO is pretty bare... I went on a few weeks ago... It is all about the Gamecube version right now m8