60hz mod on a model 1?

Hey all, Just wondering if anyone knows of a guide to help me with doing the mod to my model 1 saturn, as the layouts are differen't.

Edit: i'm talking about the ntsc/pal switch here, not the simply pal 60hz mod.


If you would look at the FIRST page of the Saturn section I guarantee you'll find 4 threads about this. Let alone the fact there is a search tool!




SX search tool

come on
[EDIT] that was mean...

I have gone over it and posted websites that go over more then just the model 2. Most threads are not model specific, but instead refer to all models as the resistors are the same for modding on all versions, it is just the location on the board that changes.
ok, after reading all the 60hz mods I managed to piece together a mod for the model one. who knows, i may make a guide if I can be bothered to open up the saturn again.

Anyway, I tried joining JP1 and got a garbbled pic. Now, I thought about this a bit and asked myself. All these guides say wire 79 pin directly to 5+ for 60hz and ground for 50. Well, I got my multi meter out, tested the disconnected side of JP1 and got 5V.

now, here's the thing. When you connect JP1, ground is still connected. You can't really have ground and 5+ connected at the same time.

so, I simply cut the branch off track , using a stanley knife blade, after the junction point to JP1. I plugged in the saturn and woo, nice clear pic. all without lifting that pin. Now I just have to get a chip and my model 1 will be my main non crappy hacked saturn.