700 MB CD

It was quite some time ago since I last burnt a game for my Saturn. The last one was House of the Dead, and I'd ran out of 650 MB CD:s.

Everything worked great, except for the sound. Every sample was played one and a half-time. Pretty funny when people already died and they repeat themselfs.

About the music I don't know, but it would effect ever type of sample I guess.

Was there something wrong with my burning, the files... or does this happen when you use 700 MB CD:s?

Anyhow I'm gonna keep using 650 MB (if I can get hold of them that is), but I'm still interested of knowing. Beacause maybe I won't get hold of any 650 MB.
700 MB CD-Rs should work fine. Maybe the sound issue you're experiencing is related to how you burned the CD-R (burner and burn speed) or the brand of CD-Rs you used.
Are you running a version that's for another TV standard? Territory conversion won't fix timing/resolution-specific code...
Excellent deduction, ExCyber. Twilinx seems to be located somewhere in Europe and GameFAQs reports no European version of The House of the Dead for the Saturn. Playing an NTSC game on a PAL television will likely to cause desynchronization between video and audio.
Nah, I don't think it has anything to do with me located in Sweden (there were a PAL-version of House of the Dead though, I'm sure of it), anyhow, most of the games I've got are US or JAP.

In Sonic R for instance the downcount-samples isn't synchronized (sp?) with the downcount-graphics. It's just most obvious there, it's in all NTSC-games I play on my PAL-machine.

But in House of the Dead the samples are played one and a half time. I don't remember how the samples go as I haven't played it for some time now.

If my last sentence were to be a sample in my version it would sound as if you read it once, then started to read from "samples go as...", once more.

But something's wrong with the burning then, and it won't be a problem using 700MB CD:s for any of my future Saturn games? There is absolutley no reason for me to hunt down a bunch of 650 MB:s at all? No stress for the laser etc.?
I think Excyber is right...

I had that sort of troubles when I played MarvelSuperHeroes vs SF (J-NTSC), on my PAL saturn... like I selected an option, and heard 2 "clicks", also that male voice that says something like "welcome to marvel vs sf..." repeated in a strange way... even overlapping...

Then I tried it on my ntsc-converted machine and it played without any issues...
Originally posted by MasterAkumaMatata@Feb 28, 2003 @ 11:37 PM

Twilinx seems to be located somewhere in Europe and GameFAQs reports no European version of The House of the Dead for the Saturn.

Gamefaqs is most definitely inaccurate on that one.