8 bitdo m30 controller on saturn is possible?

I know the m30 does work with the saturn with retrobit receiver (with the proper fw), but the buttons get messed up, and no way to remap properly.

There's any CFW out there (or in here) that can modify the way remapping works on the m30, or better if we email (everyday) 8bitdo inbox to complain?
I have the Saturn Retro-bit wireless receiver and I think it sucks. Like you stated the button mapping gets messed up with many controllers and it only accommodates fighting games which is dumb because fighting games can be remapped in game. I have emailed their support with no response on remapping. Go buy the Wingman SD and don't look back. It works with the M30, many other controllers, it can be remapped, it can function as a VMU on the Dreamcast, and Brook support is phenomenal.


derek (ateam)

Pluto Supporter
From what I have uncovered, the answer is "no".

To take it a step further, 8bitdo even sells a DIY wireless Saturn kit which DOES NOT WORK on Saturn hardware (incorrect button mappings / dead buttons):

There's another generic DIY wireless kit that can be found all over eBay (look for the red PCB), but unfortunately no matter how much I try, I can't get it to sit flush inside an OEM controller. I wanted a nice wireless gray pad to match my model-1 NTSC-J Saturn, but the closest I got after shaving down the shell a bit was a controller that felt squeaky when pressure was applied.

Anyway, best of luck finding the wireless controller that suits your needs!