a complete SMS/GG shmups list

im doing a research to all sega consoles shmups titles list

so post here any links/pages/texts/sites about SMS/GG shmups

from us/pal titles to all that JPN rare titles

I can give you shmups I know on SMS :

- R-Type

- Power Strike

- Quartet

- Cloud Master

- Fantasy Zone

- Fantasy Zone II

- Chop Lifter

- Air Rescue

- Line Of Fire

- Astro Warrior

- Transbot

- Xenon 2
has anyone heard of gunstar heroes on the gg, I saw it in a bid on ebay with no pic, or nothing, I wanted to get it, I knew it was a shooter on the pcengine, or turbo duo, but does anyone know of it on the gg? thanks.