A crazy idea...

hello everyone :)

I have a crazy question for you ;-)

I just got a few DC spare parts (a US mainboard, a power supply, etc.). I have a PAL DC. The question is: is it technically possible to connect both my DC mainboards (the PAL and the US) to the GD-Rom drive ? I know this may sound totally crazy, but it would be too cool to choose the motherboard at boot-up and watch the orange or blue swirl appear on the screen! How is the GD-Rom connected to the mainboard ? Is it connected directly or with a cable ? Is it a proprietary connection or a standard one ?

Thanks very much to everyone :)

directly connected with a custom connector. you'd most likely need to switch all lines at once too for it to work, which would be very, very ugly.
I guess that means it is impossible :)

Anyway, how many lines are there ? After all, switching the lines may not be necessary. If the GD-Rom drive is connected to both motherboards and each motherboard has a power supply, I could just choose to use the power supply connected to the motherboard I want to boot. The other motherboard would have no power. Unless the electricity that comes from the GD drive (which is also connected to the powered-on mainboard) might bother it...