Does scdconv only work with iso's or does it examine bins? Becaus I tried examining a bin and it gave me an error so im not sure if the bin is bad.
Yeah, it should work with both .bins and .isos. It even says so according to the Ripping with CDRWIN guide posted in the Misc. section of the Sega Xtreme page. Might check it out, has some hints on using it.
That's nice, mal, but this thread was about SCDCONV.
Originally posted by megametalgreymon@Jan. 06 2003, 6:13 am

same applies to satconv, if its a cooked/2048 image it should be just fine

raw/2352 it doesnt work with

Taelon, I was replying to megametalgreymon, but I'm sure you were already aware of that.