About the new DC browser....

Pearl Jammzz

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Hmmm, I wanna get that new DC browser but I followed the link and translated it w/ google. Anyways I went to where u order it. Can't really understand what info they want me to give. Is this thing free? What do the questions that u fill in say (like your name, address, etc.)? Thanks
Here you have a wonderful translation by Tony Skyrunner, the poor Spanish boy:

Nombre y Apellidos>>> Your name

Calle y numero >>>>>>Address



Codigo Postal>>>>>>>>Zip / Postal Code

Dirección de Correo>>>> E-mail address

It may sound strange, but I think this is only for Spanish users since there's no "country?" question.

I don't even have a Dreamcast
so there's not much I can say about this.
I've just read some interesting facts about the browser:

-It IS free.

-You fill in your info, wait until they send it to you (about 28 days) and that's all.

-The distribution will start in February.

-Portuguese and Spanish owners only

Hope it helps