Acer Gold CD-R Cd's and Saturn

Ok, I have downloaded UMK3, DOOM and Daytona USA for the Saturn from Lerpa's FTP... And, I want to burn 'em to Acer Gold CDRs... I burn them using EzCD and they burn Successfully. I have to do the swap technique for loading them, and they dont work.... The saturn reads the cdr the first pass, when i put the Official CD in the lens seems to move very slowly when it gets to the edge of the cd... it eventually gets there, and it spins up ready for the cdr again.. put the cd in and it boots to the Sega Enterprises logo.. then it reboots..!?!!!?!!! Gargh..... this has happened with the game i've burned with the ACER Gold CDR's...... Can anyone shed some light on this? (or have I just typed out a load of crap on a problem that someone found out ages ago) ?!!
I have downloaded Dragon Force from both Lerpa and lock's servers and have burned them....several times all that happens is the system gets rebooted...I used different cd brands...acer's should be my case i think its a bad rip or something...(never happened before..only with this game)

Anyone know why? (i have a modchip and an st-key if necessary)

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