Can you use CD-RW's to burn Sega Saturn games and play them on Pseudo Saturn Kai Lite V6.483? I've tried to find out on the net but everyone seems to be using CD-R. Should I just go buy CD-R instead?
The problem with CD-RWs is older systems like Saturn and PSX have issues with the dye properly reflecting the laser back to the diode in a manner that could be read. You need a real high quality RW to get them to read, and even then, you only get a couple of burns in before it becomes problematic for the Saturn. You are better off just using CD-Rs and burning it at the lowest speed the CD-R is rated for (Not the lowest speed your burner supports, unless that is above the lowest rating)
I used a cdrw on my saturn back in 2005, worked for about 2 years before the laser became too weak
It's a similar issue with the GameCube and mini DVD-Rs - they don't reflect as much, so you have to adjust the laser brighter. But making the laser brighter makes it age quicker, and it needs to be adjusted brighter again as it ages... which makes it age even faster... which makes you adjust it brighter again...

The loop continues until the laser burns out and needs replacing.