Action Replay 5(4) in 1 Converter

I've been looking around for an Action Replay 4 in 1 Converter that will:

1) Play imports

2) Play games requiring the 4 Meg expansion (Dungeons & Dragons)

3) Play games requiring the 1 Meg Expansion

4) Serve as a memory card

I think I found the one I'm gonna buy but I wanna check here with everyone to make sure that this one will work before I blow my money. I read a FAQ on that warned about some of the Action Replay Converters having problems playing 1 Meg games and some other stuff. This one isn't bad price wise and it seems like it's what I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance for the help
There are a couple of 1MB games that may suffer from minor graphical errors with an AR cart.

One thing to keep in mind is that the memory cannot be directly accessed from within a game. You need to use tha cart's built in memory manager to shuffle saved games about.
that is the best one out right now. most all others are just bootlegs of this one. just to be precautious, see about their return policy. some members claimed that it may become defect. infact, after a year of using mine(same exact one) it bugged out.
yeah, it won't let you get around swapping, just the country code (which can be done with the Country Converter as well).

Thanks for the replies, unfourtainately I gotta wait another week till the dude gets more in